History of Funemployment Radio


Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan have hosted the podcast the daily comedy podcast "Funemployment Radio" since November of 2009, which they created after losing heir commercial radio jobs due to a format flip. Five days later they created the podcast in the spare room of Greg's house, and since then, they have moved to bigger and better accommodations - their own studio (and fancy green room!) in SE Portland, along with a full network of unique podcast programming.

Almost NINE years later they are still loving what they do, and are excited about podcasting finally being recognized as the incredible medium it is. Featuring stories of their lives and their many celebrity guests, Funemployment Radio strives to provide intelligent conversations about ridiculous conversations and allow the listener an hour to take a break from the problems of the world.

Funemployment Radio has become a staple of the Portland metro area and moved far beyond, with active listeners in over 120 countries. 

Funemployment Radio has won the title of Wilamette Week's Best of Portland Readers Poll for "Best Local Podcast" for the past two years (2016 & 2017).

Guests of Funemployment Radio