History of Funemployment Radio

Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan have embraced their unemployment (they were both formerly of the Rick Emerson Show on KUFO) and turned themselves into the spokespeople of a new era of podcasting and “funemployment”.

Both Nibler and Dylan aren’t strangers to the world of media; aside from his work on KUFO, Nibler has spent the past 7 years in radio, has made his mark in the Portland music scene for 10 years in various bands, and continues to work in local film and television as an actor and writer.

Sarah Dylan has been on the airwaves for eight years, managing to make her mark on over six stations as a radio personality and producer. She also tried her hand as a television reporter on Channel 6 news for a year before accepting that being on a talk show is where she'd like to stay.

Talk is exactly what Nibler and Dylan excel at, with their first episode consisting of much conversation about their lot in life—the daily happenings of self-employed “Broadcast Professionals”, Nibler’s sports round-up “Ball Talk”, and Dylan's "World of Crazy", which contains various odds and ends from the world of pop culture, music, and everyday life.

Funemployment Radio™ is also in the podcast section of itunes.com, and is available daily on their website www.funemploymentradio.com. Brace yourself or a little bit of profanity and a lot of entertainment, and tune into a podcast with heart, humor, and wit that is unmatched.

Funemployment Radio is a daily podcast/online radio show, based out of Portland, Oregon.

Guests of Funemployment Radio